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Keeping your roof in perfect shape

Do you have a leaking roof, or black marks spreading across your ceiling? These are the warning signs of roof damage. Early repairs can prevent the need for roof replacement. Call U.K. Paving, we carry out a full range of roof repairs.


From patching roofing felt, to replacing slates and carrying out lead work to roofs and chimneys, we can do it. Don't wait for the problem to get worse, take action now.

New roofs built to your specification

Having a new roof built doesn't have to be expensive. We build new felt roofs and flat roofs for any size building. Our prices are very competitive, but we always use high quality materials. Call us for a free quote.

Roof tiles in all styles and sizes

 •  Slate tiles

 •  Concrete tiles

 •  Marley tiles, in all colours

 •  Clay tiles

Roofing inspections

Your roof is the most vital part of your home, but it's under attack from increasingly extreme weather. That's why we recommened annual roofing inspections. We can find developing problems before they cause major damage.

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At the first sign of roof damage, call:

0121 386 2678

house with windows built in to the roof roofer repalcing a tile